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For DBAs

ApexSQL Audit

Apr 02 2020

72 MB

ApexSQL Defrag

Dec 04 2018

35 MB

ApexSQL Discover

Jun 21 2019

24 MB

ApexSQL Job

Jun 21 2019

41 MB

ApexSQL Log

Jun 21 2019

53 MB

ApexSQL Plan

Oct 23 2019

41 MB

ApexSQL Propagate

Jun 21 2019

24 MB

ApexSQL Recover

Jun 21 2019

52 MB

For Developers

ApexSQL Analyze

Dec 19 2019

34 MB

ApexSQL Build

Nov 04 2019

45 MB

ApexSQL Compare

Jun 21 2019

35 MB

ApexSQL Complete

Oct 4 2019

31 MB

ApexSQL Data Diff

Jun 21 2019

64 MB

ApexSQL Decrypt

Jun 21 2019

23 MB

ApexSQL Diff

Jun 21 2019

67 MB

ApexSQL Doc

Oct 09 2019

42 MB

ApexSQL Enforce

Aug 14 2019

33 MB

ApexSQL Generate

Dec 10 2019

33 MB

ApexSQL Mask

Feb 24 2020

42 MB

ApexSQL Model

Mar 13 2019

32 MB

ApexSQL Refactor

Jun 21 2019

26 MB

ApexSQL Script

Jun 21 2019

61 MB

ApexSQL Search

Nov 20 2019

28 MB

ApexSQL Source Control

Jun 21 2019

47 MB

ApexSQL Trigger

Jun 21 2019

25 MB

ApexSQL Unit Test

Jun 21 2019

19 MB

ApexSQL DevOps toolkit

Web dashboard

Jun 21 2019

48 MB


Feb 14 2020

16 MB


ApexSQL Backup

Apr 29 2020

70 MB

ApexSQL BI Monitor

Jun 21 2019

44 MB

ApexSQL Monitor

Sep 25 2019

51 MB

ApexSQL VM Monitor

Jun 21 2019

44 MB


Thanks for doing such a superb job with your product and customer service! You're the best!

John R. Adams

Joven Technology

Your service has always been exemplary. I wish all the company I work with were as responsive as ApexSQL

Simon Ferguson

EPS Software

It's good to know companies like yours still exist

Mike Gagne

Data Warehouse dba, Whitworth University

Thank you for you prompt response and resolution to my problem as always, the support and customer service I receive from ApexSQL is excellent. It's always a pleasure to deal with everyone there

Tim Byng

Support manager

Missing Systems Development Corp.

I have to say that i Appreciate the level and the quality of support I received from you and your company. I am sure this is not the last product that we will purchase from your company

Steven Ryabinky

Senior Consultant

Ventera Corporation

I have to say you folks rock! This is great customer service from a free download and is not what I expected. Thank you for exceeding expectations!

Tom Williams

Sr. PeopleSoft System Administrator

Thank you, thank you, thank you! What I could not accomplish over the past 7 days ApexSQL Log did on 20 minutes. The anguish of data loss is now over. You folks are brilliant!

Steve Sweene

Advanced Database Designs LLC

Thank you! You are just great! May I recommend your company and products wherever and whenever you want me to do? ... When we would start using ApexSQL Log I'll purchase it for sure, your service is exceptional!

Georg Untersalmberger

Managing Director

KraftWerk Informationstechnologie GmbH

Your quick response is appreciated. Your commitment to the customer is a credit to your company

Dave Thomas

Office Systems Consultants

I greatly appreciate your assistance. I have to say all of my experiences with ApexSQL have been great. Thank you for the wonderful customer service.

Bryan Benton

Director of Information Technology

Wiginton Corporation

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