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ApexSQL Audit


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Can ApexSQL Audit capture SELECT statements?

Can ApexSQL Audit capture DML and DDL statements?

Does ApexSQL Audit show the “before” and “after” data for UPDATE statements?

Can I use ApexSQL Audit for recovery purposes?

Licensing and evaluation

How is ApexSQL Audit licensed?

Are there any restrictions or limitations on the evaluation version of ApexSQL Audit?


Which compliance policies can ApexSQL Audit help me meet?

How can ApexSQL Audit help me meet compliance policies?

Installation and configuration

What Windows permissions do I need to install ApexSQL Audit?

Does ApexSQL Audit install anything on audited SQL Servers?

Does ApexSQL Audit use triggers?

Does ApexSQL Audit use the transaction log?

Does ApexSQL Audit use traces?

How much does ApexSQL Audit affect performance of the audited servers?

Does ApexSQL Audit have a tamper-evident data repository?

Does ApexSQL Audit have alerts?


Does ApexSQL Audit provide out-of-box reports?

Does ApexSQL Audit offer customized reporting?

Does ApexSQL Audit have consolidated reporting?

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