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ApexSQL Decrypt


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What are the minimum Windows permissions required to install and use ApexSQL Decrypt?

What are the minimum SQL Server permissions required to use ApexSQL Decrypt?

What SQL Server objects can be decrypted by ApexSQL Decrypt?

Can I filter SQL Server objects that will be decrypted?

What output types are available in ApexSQL Decrypt?

What script types are generated for decrypting objects?

Can I decrypt specific object(s) without the need to go through the Decryption wizard?

Can I preview the original DDL script of the encrypted object?

Can I decrypt only the selected object from SQL Server Management Studio?

Is there an option to back up a database before decrypting?

SQL Server support

What SQL Server editions are supported?

What SQL Server versions are supported?

What SQL Server Management Studio versions does ApexSQL Decrypt integrate in?

Can I integrate ApexSQL Decrypt into all available SQL Server Management Studio versions?

Can I use ApexSQL Decrypt add-in with other ApexSQL add-ins?

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