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ApexSQL Discover


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Does ApexSQL Discover install anything on my SQL Server?

How is ApexSQL Discover licensed?

What should I do if I encounter a problem with the application?


What are the system requirements for ApexSQL Discover?

Do I need a dedicated SQL Server instance to be able to use ApexSQL Discover?

Can ApexSQL Discover be used with MySQL instances?

What versions of SQL Server does ApexSQL Discover support?

Which SQL Server editions does ApexSQL Discover support?

Server discovery

What does ApexSQL Discover scan on the network?

Can I obtain the list of all servers in a domain?

I don’t want to scan the entire domain. Can ApexSQL Discover detect servers in a specific IP address range?

Is it possible to run the scans on a regular basis?

Are Email notifications supported for the scan jobs?

Monitoring and reporting

Which server parameters can be monitored with ApexSQL Discover?

Can I get the server performance reports for a specific time period?

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