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ApexSQL Propagate


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What are the minimum Windows permissions required to install and use ApexSQL Propagate?

Can I execute a set of scripts on several databases at once?

Can I create a list of scripts and reused it later on?

Can I manage the order of scripts for the execution?

Can I create a list of databases and reused it later on?

Can I combine script lists?

Does ApexSQL Propagate supports Command Line Interface?

Licensing and evaluation

How is ApexSQL Propagate licensed?

Are there any restrictions or limitations on the evaluation version of ApexSQL Propagate?

SQL Server support

What SQL Server editions are supported?

Does ApexSQL Propagate supports Azure SQL Database or SQL Server on Amazon RDS?

Can I connect to different SQL Server editions when creating a database deployment list?

I have multiple SQL Servers that I want to execute scripts against. Can I save these SQL Server instances?

Script execution

How can I check if the script will be executed successfully before the execution?

Will I get information if an error is encountered while executing scripts?

How can I manage errors during the script execution?

How are the execution results shown?

Can I export my execution results to file?

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