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Automate sensitive data classification
Create and edit data classification filters
Mask data at column and/or row level
Choose from substitution or redaction masks
View full database masking job summary
Visualize database-level data masking profile
View before-and-after masked data
Sensitive data masking
Create and edit sensitive data masks
Leverage 220+ pre-defined data masks
Import and export masks and filters
Utilize 55+ built in data classification filters


Create a mask script per table

Creating a single script per table to mask SQL Server data. Learn more

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Data classification filters

Review and manage built-in and custom filters for sensitive data classification. Learn more

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Custom sensitive data classification filters

Edit and create custom filters for sensitive data classification including column name and field value searches

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Dynamic data masking

Create and edit different types of Dynamic data masking to hide sensitive data. Learn more

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Mask data with SQL query generator

Create and mask sensitive data with SQL query generator. Learn more

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Sensitive data masking

Manage masks to obfuscate sensitive data, including both substitution and redaction masks

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Substitution data masking

Create and edit masks to substitute data in sensitive columns including Use Original, Random, Predefined, Regular expression, Specific value, SQL script, External source. Learn more

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Row level data masking

Mask data at the individual row level for more granular substitution of data. Learn more

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Redaction masks

Create and edit masks to partially obfuscate sensitive data including sensitive titles, products or phrases. Learn more

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Mask coverage

Apply a single mask to multiple columns. Easily add and remove columns that the mask will cover

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Masking summary

View mask processing job summary, details and warnings before a database is masked

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Job details

View a full list of masks, to be processed, and columns that will be masked

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Job warnings

Prior to processing a masking job, view any and all warnings

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Post masking summary

View a summary of all job details

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Configurable options

Customize settings at the application and project level for a variety of options

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Mask sensitive data and choose one of the exporting options. Learn more

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Visual themes

Customize the visual appearance with interface themes. Learn more

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ApexSQL Mask 2019 – Screen shot tour

This article represents a screen shot tour of ApexSQL Mask features with a brief description

What’s new: ApexSQL Mask – SQL Server data masking

In this reveal of the upcoming release of ApexSQL Mask, a SQL developer tool which can overwrite data in a database or copy while anonymizing personal data


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Trenton D Souza

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Clinical NetwoRx

Thanks for great products!

John Saunders

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