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Search for MySQL and MariaDB objects
Find MySQL and MariaDB objects in Server Explorer
Easily navigate to result objects
Save results to HTML, CSV and XML


MySQL object search

Search for MySQL objects. Learn more

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Customizable MySQL search

Choose types of MySQL objects to search

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Results filtering

Narrow down MySQL search results

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Easily locate MySQL objects

Locate MySQL objects in Server Explorer with a single click

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Save MySQL search results

Export search results into several standard formats (XML, CSV, HTML)

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ApexSQL Search for MySQL 2020 – Screen shot tour

This article represents a screen shot tour of ApexSQL Search for MySQL features with a brief description

What's new in ApexSQL: ApexSQL Search for MySQL – MySQL search free add-in for Visual Studio

This article announces the first add-in for MySQL from the ApexSQL family: ApexSQL Search for MySQL

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Super useful SQL tool: ApexSQL Search. I wish I had met you before!

Felipe Cerda

Senior Consultant

PROLOGIS - Experts in Aviation Consultancy

I downloaded ApexSQL Search and it worked like a charm, I'm really impressed and I'll definitely try the other ones.

Ricardo Lourenço

Senior Software Developer

I am just getting started with new responsibilities of managing an SQL application and wanted to use ApexSQL Search. It installed seamlessly and works great! Right now, that is all I’m needing but I’ll keep your website in mind as I get more experience maintaining this SQL application. It looks like I will end up learning a lot about SQL over the next few months.

Jeff Joseph

ALLtra Corporation

I found ApexSQL Search to be the best tool I've used. ApexSQL Search provides a complete platform covering the whole data dictionary and reduces time when you need to find objects in a large relational model.

Raymond Human

Human Touch Technology/Developer

ApexSQL Search, for example, is one of those “can’t live without” tools.

Jerrel Kenemore

Sr. Developer


ApexSQL Search is really great, very useful for software developers, it is my best assistant in my projects. I would definitely recommend it to all developers.

Murat Baran

Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank

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