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Integrate SQL unit testing directly into SSMS
Install and manage tSQLt from multiple sources
Create and organize test classes
Automate test execution using the CLI
Create and organize unit tests
Write tests using T-SQL
Run tests with a single click
Manage all tests with a single form


Test management from the Object Explorer pane

Create and run tests directly from the Object Explorer using the context menu

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Single tab for test management

Manage all tests from a single form – the Unit Test explorer tab

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Add a set of predefined SQL Cop tests to any database

Add SQL Cop tests to any database

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Various ways to install the tSQLt framework

Multiple options are available for tSQLt installation including the built-in version, web, and file system

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Full tSQLt management

Update to the most recent version of tSQLt with a single click or reinstall tSQLt. Uninstall tSQLt with an option to keep tests in a database, or to remove them along with tSQLt

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Test class management

Create and organize test classes from the Unit Test explorer tab

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Modify SQL database tests

Edit, delete or rename tests using the context menu in the Unit Test explorer tab

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Run test directly from the Unit Test explorer tab

Run tests on a different node level, based on selection. This includes running a single test, all tests from the selected class, all tests against the selected database, and all tests on all databases on the selected SQL Server

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CLI support

Automate test execution using the Command Line Interface, by specifying test classes and tests that will be executed

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How to create and run SQL Server database unit tests automatically

This article describes how to use ApexSQL Unit Test and how to automate test execution using PowerShell

ApexSQL Unit Test – Demo kit

This article describes how to implement the “Demo kit” feature which will automatically create a sample database install tSQLt framework and create a set of pre-defined tests

ApexSQL Redgate®
SQL Server version
      SQL Server 2005 - 2017
SQL Server editions
      Amazon RDS for SQL Server
      SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
SQL unit testing
      Demo kit database with predefined unit tests
      Get messages about passed and failed SQL unit tests
      Manage all SQL unit tests from within a single form
      Multi-selection of unit tests in the "Unit test explorer" tab
      Organize SQL unit tests in test classes
      Run SQL unit tests under one class with a single click
      Run SQL unit tests with a single click
      SQL Cop tests
      Stop SQL unit test execution at any time
      Test status indicators
      Code coverage
      Customizable success thresholds
      SQL database table
      SQL script
      Command line interface
      GUI themes
      High DPI and 4K resolution support
      Host aware theme adoption
      Microsoft standard iconography, colors and other visual effects

ApexSQL Unit Test 2018.01

Redgate® SQL Test

Comparison was conducted on August 14, 2018

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I've tried the ApexSQL Doc and ApexSQL Unit Test. My comment is: "Excellent Tools, great Technical Support. Thanks ApexSQL

Jasper Lai

Assistant Chief Engineer

I've installed it and tried out a few things. And so far it's great :) It's not complicated and does not get in the way.

Goran Šiška

Software architect


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