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Antony Thompson
Business Analyst
McGinley Support Services Limited
The experience with your product has been very positive so far, it’s been a great aid to my productivity, I wished I had heard about ApexSQL before yesterday
Daniel Silveira
ApexSQL Complete was everything I expected and works pretty well.
Ricardo Lourenço
Senior Software Developer
I downloaded ApexSQL Search and it worked like a charm, I'm really impressed and I'll definitely try the other ones.
Baris Dur
We have successfully recovered more than a billion records. First, I didn't believe it could. But ApexSQL Recover sorted it all out. And the support team helped us kindly and swiftly. Lots of thanks
Steve Sweene
Advanced Database Designs LLC
Thank you, thank you, thank you! What I could not accomplish over the past 7 days ApexSQL Log did in 20 minutes. The anguish of data loss is now over
You folks are brilliant!
Frederic Hoornaert
Senior Application Developer
We did activate the SQL Log software on Tuesday and successfully recovered +/- 8000 lost records.
The customer, and I, are over the moon! Thanks for the great support and after-sales follow-up. Keep up the great work
Kind regards
William E. Saxon, Jr.
IT Consultant - Application Development
Nationwide Better Health
We have fully integrated ApexSQL Diff and ApexSQL Data Diff into our design, integration/ performance testing, and production release SDLC. The ApexSQL tools have tremendously increased our confidence level on the integration of these systems and the veracity of our product release cycles. ApexSQL Data Diff allowed us to proof test the automation of a ETL process against the long standing manual process that was in use in production, and when that system goes into full production, will save our company hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next few years, and millions in the years to come
Gustavo Maia Aguiar The ApexSQL tools is one of the best suite tools to work with SQL Server. Easy to setup and to Work. There are a lot of problems (Data Corruption, Documentation, etc) that these tools solved for me. They increased my productivity. The support team is very attentive. I recommend for all people that use a SQL Server and need a Plus
Ben Joyce
Fiat Group Automobiles UK Ltd
ApexSQL Diff tools... time-saving, life-saving software.... I love it :)
Jaydel Gluckie
.net Development Manager
Horizons International
Microsoft Great Plains is a database that has over 1000 tables and 11,000 stored procedures and a large amount of other objects contained in SQL. I have looked at many different products to show the differences between the different versions of GP and ApexSQL, in my opinion was the fastest. Since their new changes to ApexSQL Diff they've even surpassed their own record in how long it takes to compare the databases. I validate this because I didn't do an accurate timing 2 years ago but I'm pretty sure the comparison has gone from 10-15 minutes down to less than a few minutes. It's amazing how fast it really works!
Martin Bradburn
Principle DBA
ChartWise Medical Systems
We are a startup HIS company that provides a hosted solution for hospital Clinical Diagnostic Information. The requirements are such that we needed a comprehensive Structure and Data Diff/Update tool for our sometimes complex updates. ApexSQL Diff and ApexSQL Data Diff have been nothing short of miraculous in performing diffs and providing upgrade scripts. Even a difficult update with table, column and key name changes showed a lot of intelligent programming went into these tools. Highly recommended
Steve Rampton
Support Manager
Northamber plc
Very many thanks for this. Very impressive service!
Cal McCollum
Senior Logistics Programmer
Applied Technical Systems, Inc.
I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to you and your technical support staff. I was able to restore our data which resulted in a significant monetary savings to my employer and our customer. All questions and concerns about the exceptional product your associates have developed were answered on the spot. The Restore application is truly a life saver and works as advertised. Please keep up the outstanding work
Rich Ackerson I have to say, the purchase of ApexSQL Diff and ApexSQL Data Diff has to be among the best (if not *the* absolute best) investments my company ever made for our database needs. Our flagship product runs on each client's site against a series of databases - 4 to be exact; so when we add new functionality to the product we invariably have a fair amount of updates to one or more of these databases. We generally deploy our updates in small batches as soon as new features get out of QA so we never really needed to come up with an elaborate deployment scheme. We would simply generate a few SQL scripts to create or alter SQL objects and populate data as needed. All that changed recently. A major new update to our product was completed, comprising nearly two years’ worth of effort. Extensive changes were made to each of the four databases, with one of them more than doubling in size (amount of SQL objects). The changes were, of course, varied: new tables, stored procedures, entity relationships, rules, etc... as well as scores of updates to existing objects. Included among the changes were pre-populated lookup tables containing thousands of rows of data. Now we were faced with the challenge of how to deploy this beast. Could we write deployment scripts to update our existing clients? Of course. But how long would that take? Hours? Days? Sure, Enterprise Manager could generate the DDL to create our new objects, but it doesn't take dependencies into account; the manual intervention required to ensure our deployment scripts would create SQL objects in the proper sequence would only add to the overall time required. We were under an extremely tight deadline to deploy our changes so I tried the combination of ApexSQL Diff and ApexSQL Data Diff to apply our changes. Using a test server first, I used ApexSQL Diff to sync against my development server and was amazed to find that within MINUTES I had a completely synced database. No searching for all of the objects I needed to synchronize, no update script to write, and no dependency order issues to worry about - ApexSQL Diff took care of everything for me! Best of all, it also provided me with an update script that I could save and archive in source control. Using ApexSQL Data Diff next, I was able to sync as much or as little of my data differences as I needed. I couldn't have asked for better results! Your tools literally paid for themselves the very first time I used them! I whole-heartedly recommend ApexSQL Diff and ApexSQL Data Diff to anyone with any serious SQL Server synchronization needs
Chuck Fox
Blue Frog Solutions Inc.
Thank you for the fine product your company delivers (ApexSQL Diff). I have caused several companies to purchase this during my career as a DBA as I find it to be the best at reconciling database structure, hands down. I have successfully activated the software and as usual am extremely happy with the upgrade
Brent Mitchell
Information Systems Manager
Skilled Manufacturing Inc.
I am truly impressed with your product. The accuracy and speed with which it resolved our issue was absolutely incredible. It is truly unfortunate from my perspective that I was in need of such a product however now that I have both purchased and used your product it will become a standard tool set for all of my development staff. In 30 years of Information Systems Management, I have never been this impressed with a data recovery application
Allan Kisner
Lead Analyst Programmer
Energizer Batteries
I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the effort your company makes to permit customers to stay in touch. I've not seen so very many useful phone numbers and links on one contact page as I seen on yours. I am so pleased to be a customer of ApexSQL. When I can't find the answer I need on your company's forum page I can email support and almost without fail get prompt automated and personal responses. ApexSQL could teach the BIG guys a lot about keeping customers loyal and happy
Scott Bernard
ApexSQL Audit is awesome! Hundreds of thousands of records generated in the audit trail without a glitch. From our stand point, you guys are Maytag repairman
Richard Moore
Analyst Programmer
Worldsmart RETECH
10 out of 10 for service. That has to be the quickest response I have ever
Lynn Pettis
System Administrator
Colorado Springs School District
I thought I'd pass along this comment from one of my co-workers after telling him about how quickly your company responded to my inquiry, "Wow, a company that believes in customer service
Robert Blomstrand
Senior Database and .Net Developer Consultant
Exabyte Development
I find ApexSQL Source Control absolutely essential to have proper functionality in place to manage auditing of database object changes (who changed what and when), versioning (enabling reverting to any version of a database object) and controls enabling multiple developers to safely work on the same database. Source Control from ApexSQL achieves this and is affordable, is maturing rapidly by developers who have a passion to see their software surpass their competitors, and support is always impeccable. I recommend this software and company to all of my clients.
Randy Lane
Fireside Bank
Thanks a bunch Larry!
You guys are definitely the cream of the crop for SQL tools
Jason Satteson
Lincoln Electric
Your quick support response, and technically competent support personal, has been noted. I've already requested that we buy a copy of this software
Doug Hester
Application Development Team Manager
FSO Technology Team
Thanks for the prompt response. Home run, right out of the park
Raja Jegan R
ApexSQL's dependency tracking algorithm is absolutely flawless. Really Great job and Hats off to you all
(Till now I have reported several bugs in ApexSQL tools and my First appreciation)!
Keena Ferguson
Database Administration
Technology & Application Support Services
I recently downloaded the log analyzer demo and proved/solved a problem we been trying to get a 3rd party vendor to own up to for over a year
Kerrin Banner Alexey and rest of the team.
Thanks for the help - I am just scraping the surface with your suite of tools but importantly this worked a dream
Thanks for the help - I managed to get this command line T-SQL method running within my patching process and it is seamless
Well done and thanks again!
Michael Jenkins
International Mission Board
The ApexSQL Refactor is a great help, and I'm glad to have found something that works well and is easy!
Joe Wroblewski
Director of Operations & Technical Services
The Abacus Group
Thanks also to ApexSQL and Brian for making such great products. When people ask me about SQL tools, I tell them to go to ApexSQL first!
Marcel van Bloppoel
Vendit BV
I did some first testing with the ApexSQL Diff API, and it's looking great. So far no problems, and the speed difference is amazing
Comparing my test-database in 2005 versions took 58 seconds, with the new version it's only 13 seconds! Well done!
David Raschka
Vice President
Reliant Business Systems, Inc.
I love the product and it is one of the most valuable tools we use to maintain and update our databases
David Raschka
Vice President
Reliant Business Systems, Inc.
I deal with 99% of the vendors for Navellier's Technology Department. You have been most impressive today! Thank you!
Julio Garcia
Plan's international headquarters
Dear Dmitriy Dyubchenko
You are the best in the world!
Many thanks for your kind and effective support. It works like a charm
Ariel Joseph B. Falgui
Senior IT Specialist (Oracle DBA/Software Engineer)
PLDT Italy S.r.l
Hi, Mihaela. Thanks for the great product. We also appreciate the great service that you guys provide. I have not seen another product that works as flawlessly as yours. This product is very helpful to people like me, Database Administrators and Software Engineers
Michael Conroy
Trinity Logic LLC
Let me congratulate ApexSQL on a pretty amazing tool (ApexSQL Doc). I have been hired to review 51 databases over 9 servers, and subsequently migrate some of them to a new server. The client has no documentation, so the first step was to document what lived where. After a brief search, I found this tool. It has saved me at least a WEEK of work. Which is sad because those were billable hours ;)
Goran Yordanov
SQL Developer
Xogito Group
Among all the tools I’ve tried, ApexSQL Doc is the best!
Pharmacy Consultant
National Institutes of Health
I have been using the ApexSQL Doc tool for more than a week and I have to say it's fantastic. The output is well thought out and I appreciate the effort that you all put into it
Todd Beckett
JDB Fine Hotels & Resorts
That is impressive customer service by any measure. Your software is great and your support rocks!
John R. Adams
Joven Technology
Thanks for doing such a superb job with your product and customer service!
Bill Mosca
DBA/Database Application Developer
Eclipsys Corporation® - The Outcomes Company®
You guys amaze me! You are so right on the ball with your support
Damon Janis
Chief Technologist
Lifestyles Unlimited
It worked correctly and I was able to recover the tables. Thanks again for turning this around so quickly, you all are great!
Christopher R. Wujciak
IT Database & Websites Manager
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Brian, thank you very much for your help with getting us this product today. I have been using the ApexSQL Log + ApexSQL Recover trials for the past few days and they are outstanding. I just used the ApexSQL Recover tool to recover about some data that would have taken numerous work hours to re-enter, so thanks again
Mike Wise
Systems Specialist
Solutia Inc.
I really appreciate this software and your support of our Pensacola SQL Server Users Group! The Developer Suite has many more features than I'm accustomed to and I'm real excited about the opportunity to use this toolset and share my experience with my colleagues in the usergroup and with my development team members!
Joel Lang p.s. Keep up the great work. Your tools are second to none
Tim Byng
Support Manager
Mission Systems Development Corp.
Thank you for your prompt response and resolution to my problem. As always, the support and customer service I receive from ApexSQL is excellent. It's always a pleasure to deal with everyone there
Rob Fisk
Thanks again for a product unsurpassed by any other on the market. In fact only surpassed by its level of support and interaction with its users
Robert Mann
IT Director
Weeks Roses
Just wanted to say thank you again. Did the recovery and it went very smooth!
Ron Nyegard
Director of Operations Systems Development
STERIS Isomedix Services
As always, ApexSQL Support is second to none. I downloaded the 2008 beta, installed, and it's working perfectly. Thank you for your quick response
Georg Untersalmberger
Managing Director
KraftWerk Informationstechnologie GmbH
Thank you! You are just great! May I recommend your company and products wherever and whenever you want me to do?
... When we would start using ApexSQL Log I'll purchase it for sure, your service is exceptional!
Megan Willesen
Senior Applications Developer
I'm the developer/dba responsible for pimping your products to my company. After drooling over them for years I finally found an employer who recognizes their worth enough to purchase the entire suite. The purchase was prompted by a recent life-saving by your ApexSQL Log software (I'd installed the trial). I looked like a hero and when questioned about how I'd saved the day, I told my project manager about your software suite and an RPO was submitted for approval that day
Gabe Nodland Thanks so much, I always give feedback on products and no one ever listens, and never a thank you gift. That is great
John Goad
Sr. Solutions Architect
Affinia Group Inc.
I have been using ApexSQL for about 3 years now, primarily for the audit tool, but all of the other tools are great too!
Leonid Gerber
Director Database Services
I'm very happy with everything what you did for us (Kenexa)
Dave Thomas
Office Systems Consultants
Your quick response is appreciated. Your commitment to the customer is a credit to your company
Mark Kage
Senior Network Engineer
Emphasys Software - Great Lakes
Beth was an absolute delight on the phone, and got me all I needed like lightning
James Rickaway
Omnicell, Inc.
I installed the upgrade and ran the software. I was able to document our database in about 30 minutes where before it took about 8 hours. So I experienced a much better speed improvement over the six times faster time you are advertising. The process was less resource intensive also. Good job
Mike Gagne
Data Warehouse dba
Whitworth University
It's good to know companies like yours still exist
Carles Dalmau
Vice-president of Engineering
Thanks for your help Alexey, I wish all support centers were as quick to respond
Phil Hughes
Marel Food Systems
Thanks very much - now that's what I call support! I was not expecting a response until Monday at the earliest
I-Cheng Ma
Telvent Farradyne Inc.
Thanks for the excellent support!
Mathieu Grondin
Gestion Vision Globale, Inc.
By the way, great support... In fact you give the best support I ever had with any software company... Keep up the good work!
Aaron Kaufman
GDC Integration
I have been using your tools for several years and I can't even begin to quantify how much money/hours you have saved me. My sales guys showed me a similar product a couple of weeks ago and I told him I already have the best one on the market
Ronald Poppen
Academic Medical Centre Amsterdam (AMC)
Wow!!!! Thanks for the FAST actions; I'm very pleased with it
David Avery
focused e.Business llc.
Excellent, worked fine, thank you for such a rapid turnaround. I just had to use SQL query analyzer, oh my God, it was like 1995 all over again!
Michele Notari
IT Project Leader
Tupperware TEAM MBS
I downloaded the Beta version of ApexSQL Doc and I was really surprised of the performance. It's really much faster than the last version
Fabio Santos
Diretor Tecnologia
Estúdio Interativo
I erased multiple rows of several tables using a delete command, unfortunately I didn't have a backup and I thought the data was lost
Searching the internet forums I found ApexSQL and this product was my salvation. I was able to recover 100% of the data lost. The product cost was nothing compared to the work I'd need to do to recover the data lost
At first I had some issues to recover the fields of type text, but with the help and support of RADUNZ, who distributes ApexSQL in Brazil, all my questions were answered
The application is really 100% and I wish to thanks the great help provided by the support team
Russell Yeagley
Eagle Secure Solutions, LLC
Being a professional software developer who uses SQL Server for almost every application, I wouldn't want to start anyone of them without your product(s)
Eric Pfirman
Geospatial Information Specialist
PAR Government Systems Corp.
Let me start by thanking you once again for such a wonderful suite of tools. ApexSQL Log has saved my life more than once in the past
Stefan Hoffmann
Microsoft MVP
You're making great tools
John Saunders
Microsoft MVP
Connected System Developer
Thanks for great products!
Ben Jackson
Senior Developer
Sage Technology
I have been using ApexSQL Diff and absolutely love it. Fantastic product well
Tempe Lampe
Development Manager
Water & Gas AMI Solutions
Thanks! Great customer service! I really appreciate your help and quick response. I had never used ApexSQL Diff before and in 5 minutes I had my scripts ready to upgrade my other database with both new objects and data. ApexSQL Diff was very intuitive to use and worked like a charm. I can't believe how much time I wasted previously generating upgrade scripts by hand
Hendriekus Roux
Accenture Technology Solutions
Good job to your team and to your support personnel. Your commitment is unsurpassed and I appreciate your professional dedication to this matter and your product. Well done in my opinion
Daniel Liu
.NET Senior Consultant
Orange County Probation Department
Thanks a lot, you are the best tech support company I ever dealt with. Much better than Microsoft or other big names
Cody Townsley
Software Engineer
West Interactive
Overall I am very impressed with what I have seen so far and look forward to the changes that you have already announced
Walt Krzystek
Director of Operations
Matrix Imaging
I've been a huge fan of the ApexSQL Audit which I've already put into production. That single application has saved me countless hours of programming to help get in compliance with some data auditing requirements
Serge Poldi
Rio Tinto IS&T
Thank you for the follow up and the offer, it is always great to get great service, even if I am half way across the globe
Greg LeClair
Senior Lead Consultant
I wanted to take a minute and express our sincere thanks to you and your entire team for all the support during our long process of recovering data. With your help and ApexSQL Log, we were able to recover over 60,000 documents from 9 different databases that were otherwise lost forever. Your continued email and phone conversations with us, explanations, suggestions, and insights really helped us along and are much appreciated. Being developers ourselves, we understand busy schedules with release dates to meet and bug fixes to complete, so we really appreciate you taking as much time as you did with us. We really feel like you went above and beyond any normally expected support from a software company. I hope our extensive QA testing on the Recovery Wizard feature was of benefit to you. On behalf our entire organization, thank you
John Roche
President and Founder, Inc.
We received a desperate call from a SQL Server hosting client – could we recover 100,000 or so records accidentally deleted when a client was deleted from the database and all inventory records went with them? This is a transaction system, so restoring from a previous night's backup would have repercussions for others. ApexSQL Log was tested on a restored backup – the user interface was easy to use and we could clearly see, filter and selective restore all the deleted records. Within 4 hours, we had purchased and installed ApexSQL Log and recovered the deleted records. This saved untold hours of work to physically inventory and reenter into the system over 100,000 asset records
Within 4 hours, we had purchased and installed SQL Log Recovery and recovered the deleted records. This saved untold hours of work to physically inventory and reenter into the system over 100,000 asset records
Bottom line? ApexSQL had the tools, the support to help us get up to speed, took our order after hours and sent the Product Key immediately
Thanks for showing what excellent customer support is supposed to be
Bryan Robertson
Application Lead
Champion Solutions Group
I thank you and Janice for the wonderful customer service experience
Brian Leeming
Head of Development
Staffcare Ltd
Thank you so much for your fast turnaround of this problem! I was looking at a stalled project tomorrow until you provided this solution. Once again, ApexSQL human support far exceeds that available on the web
Jerry Sutton
Crawford Contractor Connection
Thanks for your prompt attention. We were able to use ApexSQL to avoid losing thousands of rows of data and to avoid a lengthy restore using our backup software. As usual ApexSQL has proved itself very worth our investment in it
Greg Gillis
Development Manager, Data Warehouse Analyst
So far, ApexSQL Diff is the only SQL diff program that actually works with SQL2005 CTE's in stored procedure
Dennis Partin
First I would like to thank you for creating the most comprehensive and fully featured set of SQL tools I have ever encountered... We are constantly asked by clients to evaluate tools as part of IT process improvement engagements. It has been my pleasure to recommend ApexSQL tools on a number of occasions
Steve Bernat
Izonim, Inc.
By the way, I want to let you know that the ApexSQL tools have become indispensable to us. They have worked flawlessly from day one and have saved us a huge amount of time and effort. Really nice software, and everyone we've dealt with at your organization has been entirely on-the-ball and responsive. We'll be selling the tools with each project we do
Simon Ferguson
Senior Developer
EPS Software
Your service has always been exemplary. I wish all the companies I work with were as responsive as ApexSQL
Jeffery J. Hellnick
Senior Software Developer
Petris Technology
Thank you for the prompt response. That is one thing that I love about your company, your responsiveness to inquiries (pre and post sales)
David M. Carpenter
Senior Application Developer
CareMedic Systems Inc.
I am with my third company using your ApexSQL tools.
Brian, over the years it I have always appreciated that you see and respond personally to the Email & Forum traffic
ApexSQL Diff still rocks and splitting out ApexSQL Data Diff was definitely a step in the right direction
Joris Laperre
Global Care Solutions
Keep up the good work by the way, I′m using 2 of your products on a daily basis. ApexSQL Diff rocks
Ron Patrick
ApexSQL Clean did work quite well for me and definitely solved a major problem for my client. I currently have it listed as "My new favorite utility" and have told several people about it
Mark Woodfield
Database Administrator/Developer
VIS Communications Ltd
I'm a great fan of the product and have been using it in various releases over a few years
Sreeni Reddy
Operational Database Administrator
American Psychiatric Association
Thanks for all your help and we had the very best support from you. You guys Rock and again Thanks for all your help
Craig Hatley
Director of Operations
Iatric Systems, Inc.
We purchased the ApexSQL Log approximately four months ago as an insurance policy against accidental SQL data deletion, etc . . . I am very pleased to say that the ApexSQL Log has exceeded our expectations and I now consider it a necessity when working with SQL databases . . . Thanks for making such a great product . . .
David Volle
Senior Partner
Wellspring Technology, LLC
Thanks for a great product I couldn't live without!
I use ApexSQL Script when developing dynamic web apps for small clients who utilize shared hosting services
Frequently I don't have enough access to the shared hosting MSSQL Server for efficient development. I do all my development on local servers, and the ApexSQL Script product is a life saver when I need to move to the production environment at a shared host where I cannot restore a backup. The tool is also a life saver when I need to take over a project and have limited permissions on the production server. I can get a copy of the live system to place into my development environment faster and easier with ApexSQL Script than any other product or method I have tried. Of course I also rely heavily on ApexSQL Diff to help me keep the development, staging and production environments in sync
Marc Scheuner
Software Architect
Garaio Technology Lab
Your tools are absolutely fabulous stuff!
Richard Dablo
Project Manager
Quest Diagnostics Clinical Trials
... I also wanted to say thanks for such a great product and for being so responsive!
Paul Ohlemacher
First let me say we are very impressed with ApexSQL Audit, it was not only the fastest but also the easiest to use out of the six audit tools tested. We also hit some errors with other audit products
David O'Keefe
Fimat Australia
... your product has been working perfectly and the guys in compliance and audit are happy
Kris Gustafson
Director, Interactive Technologies
ICON Clinical Research
I have been using ApexSQL Audit for over a year now and find it to be a great tool. ApexSQL Audit is great at capturing all of the information (user, date, time, old value, new value, etc) required by my application. The best part about ApexSQL Audit is that while being very easy to implement out of the box, it is also highly customizable. We have full access to each trigger and script and can customize them easily if the application requires
Bill Minser
Systems Programmer
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dept. of Ophthalmology
This product has already saved me at least 40hrs of work. I've had it for less than a month
Andrew Petterson
South Africa
PS I thoroughly enjoyed the simplicity of ApexSQL Audit. Well done on some great software
If you really want to know I had to provide auditing on a database system of some 147 tables. It would normally have taken me about 10 working days to do. I used ApexSQL Audit and it took me about 2hrs to figure out the process and do the job. So once again that is productivity un-paralleled
Gary Low
Remington Stevens Research
ApexSQL Audit has saved us hours of programming. It produces reliable code, and addresses important auditing requirements of our point of sale applications
Trenton D Souza
Application Manager
Clinical NetwoRx
I have worked for 18 yrs as a developer and for the past 5 yrs I have been an application manager, never have I seen a prompt response in my career. Worked with tons of products most of them not as good, but kudos to you man, you have got a great product and promising support
Kim Rossey
Too Cool Webs
Thank you for the links and the great deal. I just made the purchase. Great tools!! I will look forward to working with your company in the future as you add more tools. Thanks for the effort to produce quality applications
William G. Bahr
The product is terrific, easy to use and pretty RAD for templates creation. We have created our own templates for VB.Net building on what you have already done. And most of all we have appreciated your quick and complete responses to the forums
Everardo Cunha
Atlantis Informatica, Ltd.
I think it is well worth the money
Doug King
Web Application Developer
MMBP Business Process Solutions
Intel Corporation
Thanks for the super quick reply. I haven't touched PB in a few months and just downloaded the new version. It looks great. It looks like you have incorporated everything I was asking for a few months ago
Leo Stezano
Decision Architects
Cambridge, MA
Overall, we are very impressed with your product, especially since we stumbled upon it just as we were trying to figure out how to create a similar process ourselves. Congrats!
Patrick McCarthy
JDA Software Group, Inc
Thanks for the feedback Brian - I have liked the UI and support for your product the best, I should be parting with my cash very soon ...
Thanks for the support ...
Martin Schwier
Proj. Manager
WDT Datentechnik
GmbH, Germany
As your product offers the best set of features I’ve seen so far and your customer-service has fully convinced me (couldn't be better, keep it going like this) I’d like to order a license of ApexSQL Diff
Brian Schkerke
Lead Developer
... In either case thanks for your help. One of the primary reasons I wanted to purchase your software was your unflagging support and friendliness on other
Gus Gwynne
Database Developer/Admin
Postmark DMS, LLC
Before I forget, thanks for handling that false positives thing I came up with when first evaluating the product. Good, fast response and handling on your part
Robert Echten
Senior Software Engineer
Sendo International Ltd.
Thanks for your swift reply. I see that the move from LockwoodTech to ApexSQL has not done harm to the brilliant support I've always experienced from Brian
Paul Barbin
Lewis, Inc.
Thanks for the quick (and honest) reply. I am impressed. Your company sounds like it's truly different from the rest ...
Tracy Webb
Database Administrator
Misys Financial Systems Ltd
I must say that the support you offer your customers is the best I have come across in this industry to date. To think we very nearly paid to upgrade [product name deleted], our previous tool. Even with the few problems we have experienced with the Lockwood software, we are certain we made the right choice. It was speed of the product that won in the end, but what a lovely surprise to find that the support was every bit as impressive
Casey Kirt
Bell Mortgage
Project Manager
ApexSQL Diff paid for itself in the first hour of using it. I synced 12 different databases to a common rev and man am I happy
Curtis Potts
Chief Technical Officer
Focus Systems Inc
Hey thanks for the quick response. This tool is awesome
Jim Kimbrough
Principal Software Engineer
Topologe, LLC
I can't say enough about what you have done here. I am still finding little "features" that I find useful. This is simply a world-class tool for people with much to do. I love to hack SQL, but it is such a blessing to do less of the mundane typing. Especially with intellisense expediting recall. I can't wait for version 3. In version 4, I want you to read my thoughts and display code (with a few typos of course, so I will feel more at home)
You must be delighted to be working with Ashton. I have never met him, but I can tell you, he has some serious passion, imagination, depth, high standards, and staying power
Jerry Kurtz
OHIC Insurance Company
You guys are writing a great tool -- keep up the great work. We're getting this tool for our developer team :)
Joe Salvatore
The Stellar Group
That did the trick - very, very, very cool!!!! Being very particular about formatting my SQL makes this product a definite buy because it can support almost endless formatting scenarios!
Wade Winningham All I can say is that I was pretty blown away by the product. I can't wait to get the next version that's coming out soon
John Rempel
Software Developer, Information Systems
GoodLife Fitness Clubs
Thanks for an extraordinary product. I've found the intelligent data grid, collapsible regions, intellisense and many of the other features to be great productivity boosters. And I particularly like the fact that you are taking user input and constantly improving your products
Steven Ryabinky
Senior Consultant
Ventera Corporation
I have to say that I appreciate the level and the quality of support I received from you and your company. I am sure this is not the last product that we will purchase from your company
M. Holman
Computer Programmer
Black Stump Consulting Group
Perth, Western Australia
P.S. From what I've seen so far with the program, I can honestly say it's a great tool and the layout of the user interface is excellent. Often I find I won't use a program if the interface is either confusing, cluttered or just plain ugly, even if it's the best exponent of what it's designed to do. No such problems with the [ApexSQL Log]! :)
Amanda Myers
Web Developer/Programmer
Pensacola Software
Can I tell you exactly how awesome this program is!
Ken Vogel
Web Applications Coordinator
Dept. of Information Technology
City of Seattle
Thank you for a great product!
Deborah James
Systems Analyst
Alpha Data Corporation, Inc.
Thank you so much for your fast response. I REALLY appreciate it
Kim Rossey
Too Cool Webs
Thank you for the links and the great deal. I just made the purchase. Great tools!! I will look forward to working with your company in the future as you add more tools. Thanks for the effort to produce quality applications
Justin Daniels
Origin Seminars
This is the best program for managing data transfers from my dev server to the production server, since i do not have direct access to the same SQL tools onto the server...GOOD WORK!
Robert Blomstrand
Senior Database and .Net Developer Consultant
Exabyte Development
ApexSQL Diff is indispensable to me to sync objects between databases, and especially between source control and production (enabling clear view of exact changes going into production) once amended objects are ready for deployment.
John Beatty
Big Foot Software Research and Development
Carson City, NV
VP Database Services
Great product. I can't wait to see what you'll add next!
Patrick Escarcega
Laucks Testing Laboratories, Inc.
I want to congratulate you on an excellent product [ApexSQL Script]. It has done all we need and more. In the future, I will look here first for tools. Keep up the good work
Brad M. McGehee
ApexSQL Script is a nifty, easy to use utility ...
Max Pilipis
Sr. Software Engineer
Academic Management Services
Great tool - we use ApexSQL Script for every production build at our company and it is a key component of our build process
Brian Knight
I've found ApexSQL Script to be an invaluable tool to quickly do a job that would've taken me hours previously to accomplish. I found myself using the tool so much that I finally created a shortcut on my sacred desktop to it
Scott C. Dixon, MCP, MCP+SB, MCSD
Technical Consultant
Thanks Brian. We really appreciate the quality of your product, as well as your willingness to accommodate our needs. You are tops on our list when we go searching for development tools
Lee Davies
Software Engineer
Occam Direct Marketing
... I forgot to mention that I have personally evaluated 10-15 SQL administration utilities for SQL & yours are some of the best I've seen, keep up the good work
Ole Overgaard
Medico Data ApS
I'm amazed. It took you exactly 10 minutes to answer - shorter than what it took me to download and try version 2.3
Thanks a lot for your first class support. I never had that kind of support from anyone!
Lisa M Kirkeby
Web Designer/SQL DBA
Thanks, Brian. You are very responsive to your customers which I find refreshing!
Stephen Wynkoop
SQL Server Worldwide Users Group SSWUG.ORG
LOVE your software btw. Really sweet
Executive Decision LLC
The product that I am ready to release has undergone a development cycle of 4 years. with over 140,000 lines of code, 167 user interface screens, 12,500 controls and 6500 procedures, it could be considered moderately complex
The fact that it is mission critical means that no matter how rigorous the testing, even the smallest error must have a 24 hour, 7 day response time of no longer than minutes
Your application has allowed me to add 25,000+ lines of error trapping in just a few hours; Not days or weeks. In addition, the auto-error reporting feature allows our support team to respond to the smallest technical error, from anywhere in the world, in a little less than 2 minutes! What more can you ask? What more can you say? our product is a great piece of work
Alex Gadea
Sr. VP of Operations
Hostcentric Inc.
... By the way - cool program! Definitely cutting way down on my programming time and I've only been using it for 8 hours
Erik Anderson
Owners Auto Mart
I bought it because it does in 15 seconds on my VB projects what it would take me days to do
Congratulations on automating my mundane VB tasks. It is the best $180 I have ever spent. It will save far more than it ever cost
Thanks again!!!!
Michael Sim, MCP, AACS
Bluefish software pty limited
Thanks for the great error handler, beats the old system I was using by a mile. ... Have had some more time with the other tools and they are great too. I can assure you, I am one happy customer!
Tom Bruinsma
Vice President - Integration Services
MicroLogix Information Systems, Inc.
Thank you for all the help! After working with ApexSQL Diff for so many years it is extremely encouraging to see your involvement in the direction of the products! I still remember when I first started using proc-blaster (many moons and employers ago)! The product line has come a long way since those days and I am encouraged by the direction the applications have gone. :) With each release you have made my life easier :)
Cameron Townshend
Executive Consultant
ISG Technology
A word of congratulations. I think that your suite is some of the best stuff I have ever used. I had to add auditing to an existing SQL Server and your ApexSQL Audit product did that effortlessly and flawlessly. The client loves the solution
I am also impressed by your rapid response to issues and feedback. Keep up the good work
Ian Caldwell
VP of Technology
PCI Group Inc
It took about 6 hours to restore the data, but it worked. We restored with no data loss.
Great tool!!!!!
Seth Buxton
Best. Software. Ever.
It's a long story, but Apex Log may solve a previously un-solvable issue for us.
Goran Šiška
Software architect
I've installed it and tried out a few things. And so far it's great :) It's not complicated and does not get in the way.
Shaun Baggett
Canberra SQL Server User Group
Your ApexSQL Doc tool is fantastic. No one else comes close in that regard and your forward plans for it are very good.
Robert Blomstrand
Senior Database and .Net Developer Consultant
Exabyte Development
ApexSQL Data Diff is a lovely tool assisting me in ensuring that development servers always have the latest essential test data from production databases.
Michael Tian
Senior SQL Server Database Administrator
ELM, a Wolters Kluwer business
ApexSQL Data Diff is a wonderful tool, we used it few years, and helped us successfully transferring database changes to clients.
Lee Morrison
Director of Software Development
Dual Commercial, Inc.
I’m very pleased with ApexSQL Source Control. Glad to have our SQL in Source Control and it works great for me to capture and safely track changes made by some of our power users without them having to be directly involved.
Annette Kord
Kord Information Systems, LLC
I love the ApexSQL Diff tool it is an integral part of my update process, I use it to update customer databases to the latest format required by our software. I don’t know what I would do without it. It works every time and I’ve never had an issue.
Vikrant Singh
Senior Technical Consultant
ApexSQL Propagate tool is easy to use and has nice features (like viewing logs after script execution completes). This is of great help. The GUI is easy to understand and user friendly.
Rajesh Suresh
Sr.Manager of Production Support
Thank you so much for the updates in ApexSQL Doc, the application is working as per my requirements. The option to include or exclude computed columns from SQL database documentation is very helpful. Thanks again for the quick turnaround and update in ApexSQL Doc.
Robert Blomstrand
Senior Database and .Net Developer Consultant
Exabyte Development
Trying out ApexSQL Clean and think that it is a great developer’s tool and find a lot of value in it. One of my favourite facilities is ability to scan external databases and especially external files such as C#, reports etc.
Parviz Aghasadeghi
Instructor and CEO
Faratar az Danesh
I have been teaching SQL Server Administration since 1999. One of the most important topics in my course is restoring a database to a point in time after a logical crash. Anyone, who has done this before, knows how difficult and time consuming it is. But now, using ApexSQL Log it can be done very easy, fast and reliable. After teaching the transaction log restore to a point in time which is only useful if you know the exact time of the crash and warning my students that you lose all the work done after the restore point, I demonstrated ApexSQL Log ability to rollback any single transaction. I heard a lot of wows from my students and I always thank ApexSQL for producing such great products.
Jeff Joseph
ALLtra Corporation
I am just getting started with new responsibilities of managing an SQL application and wanted to use ApexSQL Search. It installed seamlessly and works great! Right now, that is all I’m needing but I’ll keep your website in mind as I get more experience maintaining this SQL application. It looks like I will end up learning a lot about SQL over the next few months.
Shukhrat Nekbaev
.NET Developer
ApexSQL Diff is one of the best and well supported time and effort saver when it comes to database schema management.
Rick Olsen
Manager of Application Development
R&B Solutions
Liked how ApexSQL Source Control hooked up to TFS quickly and tracked the source changes of the various objects I altered during my testing. In addition, ApexSQL Source Control is very fast to install and link to the databases on my SQL instance. We created a custom tool to do something similar to this, and it was a pain to manage. With ApexSQL Source Control, it takes all of the guess work out of SC.
Ted Davidson
Director of IT
Preferred Primary Care Physicians
I mainly use ApexSQL Log. We do 5 minute transaction log backups and I have had a number of cases in which I had to prove/verify a specific person modified a row. Our application does not log information to the level needed for that verification in all cases. Your tool allowed me to quickly identify the necessary rows and provide documentation to the requestor.
Reuben Anderson
Data Solutions Architect
Freshfields Bruckhaus Derringer LLP
I have grown to depend on ApexSQL Complete as an essential component of my developer toolkit. It helps write better code faster.
Henrik Jirner
System architect
Q enter AB
When maintaining and updating our customers’ databases we find ApexSQL Data Diff to be reliable and always deliver an excellent and flawless result.
Patrik Hildingsson
E.ON Elnat Sverige AB
ApexSQL Log worked beautifully and I was able to test and restore deleted SQL data.
Wade Burdette
We have been searching for a way to keep track of SQL database changes across our dev team without pulling our hair out. ApexSQL Source Control works straight away - no hassles. As a developer, if I cannot get a tool to work quickly - I move on. We had a narrow focus, but ApexSQL Source Control did everything we wanted. SQL database objects have caused us a lot of grief and ApexSQL Source Control helps tremendously.
Willie Myburgh
Senior Database Administrator
Verifaction Software
I must say that ApexSQL Data Diff CLI is extremely helpful. Keep up the great work.
Jide Adefuye
Project Delivery Systems Coordinator
I must confess, this is a very good application and the manual so direct and concise, I wasn't confused to get the application working. I actually used it to read log transaction and undo update that has been made. Overall the application [ApexSQL Log] is superb.
Raymond Human
Human Touch Technology/Developer
I found your product to be the best one I've used. ApexSQL Complete allowed me to write T-SQL code much faster.
Raymond Human
Human Touch Technology/Developer
I found ApexSQL Search to be the best tool I've used. ApexSQL Search provides a complete platform covering the whole data dictionary and reduces time when you need to find objects in a large relational model.
Robert R.
Implementation Specialist
Macro Integration Services
ApexSQL Audit is great. This product will allow me to show non-technical users audit trails for SELECT, INSERT, and UPDATE statements in a graphical manner that I can explain quickly.
Jerrel Kenemore
Sr. Developer
ApexSQL Search, for example, is one of those “can’t live without” tools.
Graham Angell
Developer/Reporting Specialist
Shine Lawyers/SQL
ApexSQL Compare worked as intended and I love it! Exactly what I needed.
Paul Wimmer, MSc.
Owner/Software Architect
Lambda Sigma Tech LLC
I want you and your team to know that the SQL Data Diff tool is awesome. That tool saved my $$ last year when I had to identify missing data in a Production database. It would have taken me hours to write the same T-SQL to make the same comparisons. Your tool allowed me to quickly install, and then point at two sources to see what was missing. I was able to quickly identify the data discrepancies, and then get the data back in. I really appreciate this more than you might realize :-)
Steven Hibble
Senior Database Developer
ApexSQL Refactor is essential to keeping formatting standards on my team without getting overwhelmed. Everyone can format as they want, but when it’s production-ready, it all fits the standard. I reach for the formatter after every edit; it’s second-nature.
Kerrin Banner
Managing Director
Stealth Systems Ltd
We have just moved over to Azure hosted individual DBs and I have no idea what we would do if we had to script some of the stuff we now do with your tools effortlessly. ApexSQL Propagate is genius!
Jasper Lai
Assistant Chief Engineer
I've tried the ApexSQL Doc and ApexSQL Unit Test. My comment is: "Excellent Tools, great Technical Support. Thanks ApexSQL.”
Emil Malinov
Senior Developer
Adapt IT Australasia Ltd
ApexSQL Propagate is perfectly suited to the task. My company is already an ApexSQL software customer (on my recommendation). I knew this tool is going to be of excellent quality, and was absolutely right.
Bryan Benton
Director of Information Technology
Wiginton Corporation
I greatly appreciate your assistance. I have to say all of my experiences with ApexSQL have been great. Thank you for the wonderful customer service.
Periklis Kydonakis
IT Manager
Pantelis Papadopoulos SA
I am using the ApexSQL Compare to compare side by side long stored procedures and sql scripts I am writing. Very easy to use and very, very helpful! Recommended!
Murat Baran
Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank
ApexSQL Search is really great, very useful for software developers, it is my best assistant in my projects. I would definitely recommend it to all developers.
Aaron Sears
Conestoga Wood Specialties
There was an UPDATE run without a WHERE clause that destroyed critical data in 8500 rows. When we went to restore from a backup we discovered that the backups hadn’t been running for over 2 months. Your product restored ALL the data and saved the day! Please give the engineers that made this product a huge THANK YOU!!! for saving us from what would have been a complete disaster!
Steve Groner
Riverside Senior SQ 5
Civil Air Patrol, Pacific Region
Civil Air Patrol had a need for an easy to use, quality tool to solve a Microsoft SQL data/schema synchronization issue. Apex by far was the tool for us. It allowed us to quickly complete the project and allowed us to incorporate automation to allow us to keep that data in sync. This is an awesome tool with excellent customer service to support it. Thanks Apex for helping us out!

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