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Q1 ApexSQL Pump 2020 SQL Server 2019 support. Import data from 13 and export to 16 different data sources. Support for all SQL Server data types and ability to preview data. Will include import/export option templates and will be able to import multiple files into multiple tables. Base CLI support for executing project files [/pr]. Save project as automation script. High DPI and 4K resolution support. Pre and Post deployment scripts for import and export data Developer
Q2 ApexSQL Audit 2019 R5 Faster reports exporting. Improved GUI responsiveness. Usability improvements. Improved quality DBA
ApexSQL Data Diff 2019 R2 Improved quality Developer
ApexSQL Diff for MySQL 2020 MySQL database object comparison. MySQL Server 5.6 and higher support. Comparison options: Ignore case in text, Associate similar, Degree of similarity, Script Use for database, Script database name, Ignore column orders, Ignore constraint names, Use drop/create instead of alter, Use drop/create instead of alter for tables. GUI themes. High DPI and 4K resolution support. Visual Language Dictionary for Visual Studio for iconography and other imagery concepts applied Developer
ApexSQL Mask 2020 Use SQL value to mask data. Use one of the external data sources (databases, CSV/text files, Excel spreadsheets, XML documents) to populate substitution mask. New filters to scan for sensitive data. Mask data in the graph node tables. Parallel mask execution. Improved performance. Usability improvements. Improved quality Developer
ApexSQL Source Control 2019 R3 Usability improvements. Improved quality Developer

This roadmap consists of estimates of release dates which may change at any time

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