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Export data to 13 different file types
Export data from multiple tables/views at the same time
Pre/post scripts when importing/exporting data
Import data into SQL server from different files types
View full import and export process summary
Variety of import mode types such as append, update etc.


Excel options

Additional setup for data row and page settings

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Apply import settings to the multiple tables

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Preview panel

Create new or update the existing SQL table with different Import modes

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Manage import format

Set from different input source and import all or defined numbers of records

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Manage export format

Choose output type to export the data into any of 16 different formats

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Export summary results

View results after the exporting process is finished

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Visual themes

Customize the visual appearance with interface themes. Learn more

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What's next in ApexSQL Developer: ApexSQL Pump - SQL Server data import and export

In this article, we will cover some features of the upcoming release of ApexSQL Pump, a SQL developer tool which can overwrite data in a database or copy while anonymizing personal data

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